Friday, September 26, 2008

Remember that episode of House


ith Harold (Harold & Kumar go to White Castle) and he had an infected jaw?

He was suffering from Aphasia. Where you can't remember nouns.

So am I. But it's more like CRS, cause I can't remember verbs or adjectives either.

Anyway, I commented at Ben's blog about "Bones" and I said "Constance is funny with her social awkwardness" (or something like that). He said "Yes, TEMPERANCE is funny." (But not mean, LOL.)

I just knew it ended with "ance".

And I couldn't remember David Boreanaz's character's name either.

I've been watching this show for a couple of years now.

The only new staffer on House that I know is 13, because that's easy to remember. I don't know which one Kutner is, unless he's Kumar?

When I try to remember things, I have to remember them abstractly. Like I know the Indian dude was in the movie "Harold & Kumar". So he's always Kumar.

David Boreanaz will always be Angel. I still watch that show almost every day when Evan is getting ready for school.

And that chick on "The Ex-List" will forever be Kurev's psycho girlfriend because that's where I first saw her.

ANYWAY, I finally remembered what I wanted to say when I first posted this morning:

I was about to watch Survivor when I saw a clip of the show "The Doctors". One of the doctors (a woman & ob/gyn) was having a "slumber party" type thing with 9 & 10 year old girls talking about sex. One of the girls asked what oral sex was.

The doctor said "It's basically kissing the penis or vagina."

You should have seen the faces on those girls! LMFAO! One of them said "Oh my God! That's so disgusting!"

That's cute. I hope her mom saves that show so that she can look at it when she grows up, LOL.

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