Friday, April 11, 2008

Tornado Watch!

Ok, I've lived here 16 years.

In those 16 years we've had hundreds of tornado watches & warnings.

But this is the first time Evan got out of school early.

About 20 minutes ago.

My cousin (who used to live right beside me, moved away & is now back across the parking lot) was subbing at the school & she brought Evan & her son home.

I think it's because a couple of months ago, we had a tornado hit the next town over (to the east).

Honestly, I hadn't even noticed. But then I had forgotten to mail my cable bill so I had to drive to the cable co to pay it & that's when I saw all the buildings that had been destroyed.

Then about a month ago we had another tornado to the west of us, but in the same county.

Maybe it's just too close to home for people.

But I noticed the street lights on at 2:30.

Oh well.

We can't get into "The black hole" (The closet under the stairs.)

Evan can stay in the bathtub if we hear the town sirens.

I'll be right here giving you a live report.

Because nothing is going to happen.

Nothing ever happens HERE.

Except for the time that a gas main blew up the post office...


TTYL, if the internet is still working. ;-)

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