Friday, April 11, 2008

The Sarah Jane Adventures

If you're a big Dr. Who fan like me, you might remember an episode when The Doctor worked at a school & met up with his old travel mate Sarah Jane Smith.

Now, the producers have created a spin off called "The Sarah Jane Adventures".

I was going to watch the show anyway, just to see what it was about, but when I was watching the Dr. Who marathon on Sci-Fi today, I saw the episode with Sarah Jane. That made me much more interested (because most of the shows on Sci-Fi are crap, IMO.)

I just finished watching the first episode.

I already love it!

It's like Dr. Who without the -

OMG. Ray J is on Chelsea Lately. WTF???

Anyway, it's like Dr. Who without the space travel.

The show starts out with a new family moving in across the street from Sarah. They try to introduce themselves, she's a bit rude, but in the middle of the night the daughter (about 13 yrs old) sees strange lights coming from Sarah's backyard.

So she goes over there and sees an alien.

Anyway, the next day some new girl (Kelsey?) introduces herself to Maria (the daughter) & they go on a tour of the Bubble Shock factory. Bubble Shock is an "Organic Energy Drink".

While at the factory, Kelsey sees an alien & Maria finds a "made" boy (As opposed to born. He doesn't have a belly button.)

Sarah Jane follows the kids when they go on the tour because she thinks something is amiss. (They've gotten the equivalent of FDA approval for an ingredient in 2 weeks instead of the usual years long process.)

As the Bubble Shock Bus is pulling into the factory parking lot & the gates are closing, she pulls out her lipstick.

Me - OMG. She's even got a Sonic Lipstick (Like The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver.)

Anyway, the made boy, Maria & Sarah Jane save the world from the alien invasion. The "Bane", or special ingredient in the drink, is a secretion of the alien. (Guru, how do you say "Gross" in British??)

I love the show!

The first episode at least.

And one of the things I LOVE about British shows is that if this were an American show, Sarah Jane would be some 25 year old trick with double D's & blonde hair.

The British Sarah Jane is attractive, but she has wrinkles. (Maria's dad is "fit" as the youngsters across the pond apparently say. That means "hot" in American.) I honestly can't think of a WOMAN in a LEAD on an American show who has wrinkles. Even Candace Bergin (or whatever) looks younger than her years.


If you like Dr. Who, you will like The Sarah Jane Adventures. I'm sure they'll replay it to death like they do everything else, so you should have plenty of chances to see it. :-)

BTW, new episodes of Dr. Who begin NEXT FRIDAY, the 18th. YAY!!!

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