Saturday, April 26, 2008

Testing out my new Firefox Add-on

Crop from Image:Emmys-laurie.Image via WikipediaYesterday, Hugh Laurie was on The Tonight Show. He talked about what he did during the writer's strike (nothing), his new movie "Street Kings" and some other crap.

It wasn't as good as some of the interviews I've seen him give to Jay, but I look forward to his appearance next week on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I love them both. Hugh always seems more relaxed when he's talking to Craig.

Speaking of Craig, he's hosting the White House Correspondent's Dinner tonight. It's supposed to be on C-Span. It's not on the program guide, but I'm taping C-Span from 8-11pm in hopes of catching it.


The new add-on is Zemanta. While you're typing, it finds relevant links & photos for you to include in your post. Then you can click "Apply All" (or whatever) and you don't have to do any of the formatting yourself.

It's all right. I mean, I enjoy not having to look up all the sites and then manually link to them (including target=_blank), but a) I can think of other Hugh Laurie pics I'd rather have & b) I wouldn't send everybody to for every fricking link (except the one that's pointing to Wikipedia...)

I can't see using this very often... I suppose we shall see.

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