Saturday, April 19, 2008

Friday High Fives on Saturday


o we took MD to pick up her car. The mechanic is a dude who, with the exception of missing half of his teeth, reminds me of the rednecks I usually date. She could not understand him. She blames it on the whistling from his missing teeth (every other front tooth is gone). I understood him perfectly.

Anyway, as I waited for her to move her car (he pulled it too close to his truck tire flower planter for me to get to it with my walker) we chatted.

Dude - I guess I made a boo boo, pulling it too close.
Me - Just a little.
Dude - Well I didn't want anybody to pull in and hit that car. I'd have to work a month to pay for it.
Me - I'm glad no one hit it, because when she gets tired of it, it's mine. After I pay for it of course.
Dude - That's a nice car!
Me - I know. That one *pointing to my hoopty* was hers before she got this one. She waited until it was about to fall apart to sell it to me.
Dude - Well, I hope she don't wait too long to get tired of this one!
Me - Just long enough for me to be able to afford it, LOL.

So my car is with the toothless mechanic and should be done early enough for us (Evan) to do the laundry tomorrow.

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Anyway, after we got in her car:

MD - Did y'all eat?
Evan - I did.
MD - Oh, well I was going to take you to McDonald's *winking furiously at me* if you hadn't eaten.
Me - He ate a long time ago. It was breakfast time.
Evan - I could eat.
MD - Ok, we'll go to McDonalds's. I'm craving a Big Mac. *winking again*
Me - I want a quarter pounder with cheese.
MD - Well, that's all I'm buying. Big Macs & a Quarter Pounder.
Me - Evan eats chicken.
MD - And a chicken sandwich. We'll drink WATER.
Me - We know how you are.
MD - What does that mean?
Me - Whenever you take us out to eat, we drink water (I ask for lots of lemon & then add Sweet & Low so I'm really drinking lemonade).

She took us to the new Chinese restaurant with the sushi & Hibachi grill.

It was good. The coconut chicken was nasty. First & last time I'll ever eat that. Did not taste of coconut AT ALL. It tasted like salty ass.


On to the High Fives.

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The first one is for Mik because I just happened to read his post before I started posting this & I think it's sweet and funny.

Redkinoko because this post about Awesome Names amused me.

Tumawa K Kabayan because this doorbell is da bomb! :-)

Ada for this post because it's so cute! I remember when Evan used to sleep like that, LOL.

Best of Stupid for this post and this post.

Bobo for this story. :-)

Bubbles for these Hilarious Kid Quotes.

Thomas for his post about Why Old People Rock.

My Sense & Sensibility for this post.

Deb for this post. This is one area of Chattanooga that I haven't seen a million times, LOL.

Predator Press for this post. :-) (Sadly funny, but true.)

JDonuts because this made me laugh out loud, LOL.

Maria. I'm so glad I don't live where she lives. But her rules for drivers are awesome! :-)

Brittany because her post amused me.

And finally, Jillian, for this post. I think I finally found someone who is more twisted than I!!

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