Friday, April 04, 2008

Answers to yesterday's comments & High Fives

Dan said:
I love your song of the week, Aaliyah was amazing.

I agree! I think she was a great human being who died far too young.

Cool site, BTW. I only know of Dorothy Dandridge because Halle Berry played her in a movie (A movie that I haven't seen.)

Jillian said:
I just realized you go to Walmart a lot. Are they giving you some kind of lifetime discount? Because we could use one of those....

Unfortunately not. But I live in the boondocks. All we have for 30 miles (in one direction) or 70 miles (in the other direction) is Wal-marts & Dollar Stores for anything other than groceries. They said we were going to get a Target at some point, but it turned out to be Lowes. There is a Radio Shack, but Wal-Mart is cheaper...

Sheila said:
Wow! You got more than your money's worth out of that drink. I haven't tried one yet, even though I've been tempted to. I drink Japanese matcha everyday, that gives me a pretty good kick in the pants.

I did! I think it was less than $2, but I got more than 5 hours of energy to do my errands all day yesterday! Never heard of matcha...

Elle said:
You've even moved thru time a whole month -- you're in May and the rest of us non-Head Shot fortified losers are still in April! Seriously, sounds like an awesome productive day. How do ya feel today?

HA! I didn't even notice that until you said it, LOL. Honestly, I still thought it was March until MD reminded me that it was a "New Month". May 3 is Bro's birthday & since I've seen him so much in the past couple of days, I guess he was on my mind...

I feel great today! I just need to watch all the crap that's on my DVR because I've been sleeping so much (YAY!) that I haven't watched half of the billions of programs I tape.

Cardiogirl said:
I'm going to reserve judgment until you write tomorrow about what it was like coming down. But it does sound intriguing...

I really didn't feel a big "crash" like they advertise in the commercials. I did notice at about 2 pm that I started yawning, but I still had so much stuff to do that I went & did it anyway.

You have to remember that I spent ALL of 2007 getting 2-4 hours of sleep per 24 hour period, so I'm used to being tired and having to do crap anyway. So for me, the "crash" was more like pulling up too close to the curb (a little bump) than having a head on collison (crash). I don't know what it feels like for other people to come down from an energy drink. Most of them that I've tried (Like Red Bull) haven't affected me in the first place...

I finally fell asleep at 11:30 or so when I was trying to watch Craig Ferguson.

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Now I'm going to do my High Five's because I really have to watch CSI & Crime 360 before my DVR starts taping more crap & deleting some of the old programs.

Found Shit for the following three posts: Kissing Miss Piggy,Robo Frog & Baby Sleeve Tattoo.

Monique for "It's not easy being me".

BoBo because I like the title of his blog, LOL. And there are posts like this there too.

Freelance Guru because his Predictions always amuse me. :-)

Getting Gruntled because I actually learned something on his blog this week. :-)

Geek Mom Mashup because she's the one who gave the link to the site where I created the avatar for my new Entrecard.

Karla because I'm "An Immature Agitator with a Questionable Heart" too! But I'm not trying to change, so kudos to her, LOL.

Bubbles because I think this post gave me the hiccups from the surprise gasps of laughter, LOL.

Shae Shae because I think everybody needs to realize what some of the Urban Legends are in the black community.

Deb because she posted a very creative Night Night Story for the Jolie-Pitt children.

And Jillian, once again. I think I should just make her a permanent fixture on High 5 Fridays because she ALWAYS cracks me up.

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