Friday, April 04, 2008

Brits are taking over American TV!!!

This might be old news to you, but I just watched last night's Craig Ferguson.

Did you know that the guy who plays Eli Stone (Johnny Lee Miller. That's an American sounding name if ever I heard one, LOL.) is British?? I didn't. I had NO CLUE.

When I watched Bionic Woman, Michelle Ryan's accent crept through sometimes. (Like when she said "paasta" instead of "pasta".)

Hugh Laurie says some words in a very odd accent. It's not necessarily British, but it's not American, either.

Lena Headly from the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles is British. (Remember her in the movie "300"?)

I don't even know who else is British. I would NEVER have guessed that Sarah Connor or Eli Stone were Brits. They have excellent accents.

Now I have to go watch yesterday's Eli Stone.


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