Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Irritated, Apathetic, In Pain, & DISCO

So yesterday I started to post about my day. Then (as usual) I got distracted because I wanted to put a video clip of some show I saw in my blog post.

Downloaded a virus.


I had to remove all of that crap.

I still kept getting irritating "You have a virus" pop ups. (That IS the virus. They tell you that you're infected with something & want you to buy their product to get rid of it.)

Ran Norton Antivirus. It didn't find anything.
So I kept trying to restore my computer to an earlier date. It kept telling me that nothing had changed.
So I deleted a lot of useless shit.
But then Norton wasn't working.

I gave up with trying to restore sometime around midnight.

But I set the computer to defrag my drive & crap.

So when I woke up this morning, it finally let me restore to the day 2/17. Whee.

I had to uninstall Norton (which is VERY irritating because you have to go to their site & download the uninstaller which keeps reminding you that it's going to take everything Norton related off of your computer. Dur. That's what I wanted to do!!)

Finally got all that done.

Anyway (this is going to be a long post, if you haven't already guessed.)

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I got a message from MD saying she finally watched "Why did I get married?" and really enjoyed it. A 5 minute message...

So anyway, since my back had been hurting (still is) all of the 3 day weekend, we had to do the laundry yesterday. I told Evan to call Nana and ask her if she wanted to go because A) Anytime we go somewhere, she says "Why didn't you call me? I wanted some milk or whatever...", 2) I didn't think she'd go because she does her errands in the morning C) She keeps saying she wants to wash all of her bathroom rugs at the laundromat & not mess up her machine.

So she said she'd go. Joy.

Evan brought his homework to do at the laundromat. We (Evan & I) also brought books & drinks (because we do this every week & know that we'll need something to do & that we'll get thirsty). She brought nothing.

So while we were in there putting the crap in the washers, she got on her spiffy toddler sized cell phone & called one of her friends.

Evan got back to the car before I did. Then when I came back:

MD - Why are y'all here?
Me - WHY? Are you talking to your boyfriend?
MD - *laughs* Did you hear that? (Speaking to her friend) I'll call you back Evangeline (not her real name).

She hangs up & tries to turn the phone off.
She pulls out her list of directions on how to turn off the phone.
Continues to "think" she's pressing the red phone to turn off the phone.

Me - Give me the phone. *turns phone off in .5 seconds* You weren't actually pressing the button. I told you that those keys are tiny. If it takes that long, you aren't pressing the button.
MD - I've done it before.
Me - Yay.
MD - Anyway, why are you 2 back here?
Me - I asked Evan if he wanted to do his homework at one of the tables in there, but of course he wants to be out here with you.
MD - Well, when he got back in the car I wasn't thinking and I said "Hold on Evangeline" and then I told him to get out because I was talking to my boyfriend. He said "You have a boyfriend named 'Evilene'?" *laughs* He didn't remember what I said, he just knew it started with E.
E - I'm not stupid...
MD - One of these days I really might be talking to my boyfriend.
E - Then Uncle C (my brother) & I will want to talk to him too.

So she decided to get out of the car so that Evan could do his homework on a table. She borrowed one of his AR books (I think it was Ivanhoe) & I was reading "Duma Key".

Blah blah.

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When the laundry was dry, Evan asked her if she was going to help us.

MD - I'll help you if you give me a kiss. (He doesn't like to give kisses or hugs in public)

So he gave her a kiss & she helped.

Me - *to Evan* Can you use BOTH hands to take the crap out of the dryer?
Me - *to MD* See? He uses one hand and takes out one thing at a time. Makes me sick.
MD - Well do you have to frown?
Me - *Frowning* Yessssssss!
E - She's always in a bad mood when we do the laundry.
Me - *Still frowning* because I HATE doing the laundry & then you are always so slow & constantly talking about crap that has nothing to do with OUR laundry like "I wonder where those people went?" or "Whose pillowcase is this?" I don't CARE about that!! Just hurry up and put the crap on hangers so we can get out of here!

Blah blah

So I had brought a CD of my own to listen to so that we wouldn't have to listen to Al Green the entire ride. "The Rain" by Missy Elliot came on. MD loves that song. So she starts "dancing".

Me - Evan, do you see your grandmother?
E - She looks like she's having a seizure.
MD - HA! Well you guys are riding with me while I'm having this seizure! I'm dancing.
E - Sure...

We got home. MD did not come in because she said that we were mean to her the last time she came over.

MD - Didn't your mommy tell you not to let me in the last time I came over?
E - No. She was asleep.
MD - Well that's never stopped me from coming in before. You did something that hurt my feelings. Maybe you didn't give me a hug. And then your mommy said "I'll have to remember that next time I want to get rid of you." when she heated up that food that I said was stinky.
ME - I did not. You said it stank & you were leaving & I said "Oh, is that all I have to do?"
MD - Well anyway, I said I wasn't coming back here until next month and then you called me & used me to drive you to do the laundry. I'm NOT coming back until March.
Me - That's 10 days...I don't believe it.
MD - We'll see!

(She always says she's not coming back for a month. But then she comes back the same week or within 7 days, LOL.)

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I don't care anymore about fixing the "Top Commentors" thing on my sidebar.
I'm fed up with coding.

In Pain

My back keeps hurting. In spite of the Ben Gay, Ibuprofen, Aspirin & heating pad. I'm wondering if I have a UTI.

How do you know if you have one of those?

I originally thought that it was the amount of sleep I was getting. But I stopped taking the xanax 2 times a day & only take it at night now. So I'm almost back to my regular 2-4 hours of sleep a day.

Sitting in this chair for hours tying to figure something out isn't helping.

But we'll see how I feel next week. I have to go back to the Dr then anyway so he can check how I'm doing with the new Antidepressant. (I feel much better. I can feel the difference. I'm not constantly about to scream or cry.)


So last night I dreamed about having a Disco/Retro-like theme on my blog. (When I was creating tags, I often had dreams about new tags I wanted to make.)

I don't know how disco/retro it will be.

I don't know when I'll be done with it.

I just know that I'm tired of THIS theme.

Everything else

I think I've forgotten to do the Black Facts for a couple of days. Sue me.

I want some new songs to listen to. It's hard to find new music when I don't listen to the radio or watch MTV/VH1 countdowns.

That show I wanted to talk about is "Super Big Product Fun Show" on the G4 network. It's another Japanese import. It's 15 minutes long. They review bogus products. It's crazy, but I can't look away.

That is all. (Isn't that enough?)

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