Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Things I've learned from Entrecard

I always knew that people, in general, are just 1 millimeter from crazy.

But I have seen some of the strangest blogs while browsing all the Entrecard blogs.

Some things I get.

Some people are very environmentally conscious, good for them! I can probably learn something from those blogs.

Some people are hilarious. Even when they don't mean to be. (Like that one "education" related blog that spelled "school" as "schook". Just a typo, I know, but I find the irony of an educational blog not taking advantage of spell check hilarious!)

Some people are really talented artists. I am envious.

Some people, like me, have nothing better to do than blog.

The great thing about the internet is that everyone can have a place to express themselves.

The bad thing about the internet is that anyone can have a place to express themselves.

I love it when someone says "I'm going to present an unbiased view of this..." and then reveal their bias in the very next sentence, LOL.

I tried to present an unbiased view of the Presidential Candidates for Election '08.

I think I did a decent job. Regardless of what I said, you don't really know who I'll be voting for this November.

Other times I make no secret about what I think (People using racial epithets, plastic surgery, teen pregnancy, etc.) But that's why my blog is PERSONAL.

I do not try to present this as an educational blog, a parenting blog, a mommy blog, a humor blog or anything other than Angelika's Personal Blog.


Whatever. I think I might be getting sleepy.

I'm out.

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