Monday, January 21, 2008

My new favorite TV show

After House (dur) is Breaking Bad.

Plot Summary or whatever:

It's not easy making it on a teacher's salary, so Walter White has been working part time at a car wash for extra $$. In one humiliating incident, he has to wash the tires of one of his students. A couple of days after his 50th birthday, he finds out that he has inoperable cancer. (He already knew that he had bad health insurance. And even with chemo, he'd probably only live another couple of years.) He does not tell his wife, or their physically challenged son.

His BIL (an asshole) is a DEA agent who lets Walter go with him on a ride along. Walter sees his former student , Jesse Pinkman, climbing out of the window upstairs while the DEA agents are downstairs.

After the raid, Walter approaches Pinkman with a deal. The "I'm your new partner or I tell the police where to find you." deal. Pinkman needs a new cook. Walter needs $$$. It's a marriage made in heaven.

Because the former cooking house was seized in the raid, along with Pinkman's previous cook/partner, he and Walter buy an RV to have a mobile lab.

Pinkman goes to some Other Drug Dealer to show off the awesome new product that he has. (Pinkman told Walter that cooking meth was an art. After he saw Walter's product, he called him an artist.) The ODD happens to be the cousin of Pinkman's Former Partner. The other drug dealer basically kidnaps Pinkman & makes him take him to the mobile lab.

Walter says "I'll show you my recipe if you let me & Pinkman live."

So instead of showing them the recipe, he sets off a chemical reaction that kills ODD & PFP.

This show was sooooooooooo good!

My synopsis of the first show really sucks because you HAVE TO SEE THIS! The pilot episode repeats tonight at 10pm EST, Thursday at 10pm EST, Friday at 10:30pm EST. (It also at some other times, go to the website to learn when.)

Breaking Bad was so much better than I had anticipated.

The premise of a chemistry teacher becoming a drug dealer intrigued me, but the execution was divine.

Love it.

2 snaps up with a twist.

Watch it!

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