Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm loving the Youtube personal video player!

Because I can click "Play" and then write a blog entry in another tab. When I hear a song for which I want to see the video (OK Go - Here it goes again) then I can just switch tabs.

I found an animated video for Run DMC's "You Be Illin". I love that song. I've loved it since I first bought the album (yes, the black vinyl thing, Kiddies) in the 80s.

And I haven't actually seen a lot of these videos since they first came out.

I couldn't find actual videos that hadn't disabled embedding for some, which is why there are some live performances.

For the actual videos, I'd like to thank all the law breakers out there who post the videos, LOL.

If you happen to watch the videos and you find one that says "No longer available", please comment & let me know.

I'm "watching" them today because I just did the playlist (50 songs), but I'll probably go back to I-tunes tomorrow.

That is all.

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