Thursday, January 24, 2008

Moment of Truth

If you didn't already know, Moment of Truth is a new Fox TV show that premiered last night after American Idol.

Before the taping of the show, the contestants are asked 50? questions while hooked up to a polygraph machine. Then, during the taping, they are asked 21 of those questions.

If they answer all 21 questions truthfully, they win $500,000.


Things we KNOW:
1. You've already taken a lie detector test.
2. The producers have the results.
3. You don't.

So, if you lie, they will catch you and you will lose ALL of the money you've won up to that point.

Things we can ASSUME:
1. Some of the questions will be embarrassing.
2. Some of your answers will anger/shock/devastate your friends, family & co-workers.
3. YOU know what questions were asked during the polygraph, so you should be able to anticipate what questions could be asked of you're on the show.
4. You know that everyone you know is going to watch.
5. You will not fool the polygraph. You are not Hannibal Lecter.

Here's my...opinion.

If I were going to do this show, I would tell everyone I know that "I AM going to win the money. You might be shocked or angered or surprised or disgusted or disappointed when you find out the truth about me. We can deal with your issues after I win the money."

I would not answer 13 questions that have already pissed off my mom/SO/child/boss/etc just to lie about something stupid. (One guy admitted that the reason he'd held off on having children is that he didn't know if he'd be with his wife long term & that he'd checked out other men's "junk" in the shower but lied about whether he'd inappropriately touched any of his personal training clients...)

If you're not an honest person (mostly honest) to begin with, don't do the show! (That seems obvious to me...)

2 things I don't like about the show:
1. The contestants seem to have been told to pause before answering the questions to build up the suspense.
2. There's an announcement whether the answer is True or False. It's like "That answer is....





Why do I have to wait 30 seconds to hear that? This is a Fox thing, apparently. I admit that I don't watch a lot of game shows, but Ryan Seacrest does this all the time on AI. The show wouldn't have to be an hour if they'd just cut out all the fucking pauses.

Oh! There's another thing I don't like.

3. The audience always gasps when the contestant answers the question. One question was "Have you ever gone through a co-worker's personal things?" and the audience gasped.

Come on. Studies have shown that a majority of people go through medicine cabinets when they are visiting other people's homes. (I don't, I'm not that curious/nosy. Plus I don't like using other people's bathrooms because I don't know how clean they are...) So WHY are they acting so shocked???

Shut up. They haven't even gotten to what will be, I assume, the most titillating questions.

I don't know how long I'll watch this show. I think I watched "Are you smarter than a 5th grader?" a total of twice because I got so frustrated at the stupidity of the contestants.

I really want to see someone get to the $100,000 (or whatever) questions. I want to see how they deal with THAT.

And I'm curious to find out how many marriages will end after this show, LOL.

I don't know anything about the game that's at the end of this post. We shall see what it's like together.

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