Friday, January 25, 2008

Celebrity Rehab

Have you been watching this?

I have, I've just forgotten to blog about it (maybe?)

It's an 'inside view' of what rehab is really like. It just happens to have celebrities as the patients.

The celebs are:
Jeff Conaway - Kenickie from the movie "Grease" & Bobby on the TV Show Taxi.

Jaimee Foxworth - Judy on Family Matters, she also did a few porn movies to support her drug habit.

Seth "Shifty" Binzer - From the band Crazytown

Ricco Rodriguez - UFC Fighter

Daniel Baldwin - Alec's brother, LOL. He was in John Carpenter's "Vampires"

Brigitte Nielson - Sylvester Stallone's Ex. Flava Flav's Ex.GF. She was also "Red Sonja"

Chyna (Joan Marie Laurer) - Former Pro Wrestler.

Mary Carey - Porn Star. I think she also ran for Governor or something at some point. *rolling eyes*

It's an interesting show. It's not sensational at all. You know? Like the celebs DO NOT look good at all times. I can't imagine that they stop the cameras and ask Jeff Conaway to throw up again because they didn't have a good angle, you know?

This is a true "Reality Show".

Makes me glad that I never got into drugs or alcohol. Because detox is a motherfucker!

And it reawakens my lust for Dr. Drew. I had SUCH a crush on him back when Loveline was on MTV with him & Adam Corolla.


Thank God there's a new House episode this week or Hugh might lose his place in my fantasies. Dr. Drew looks veddy veddy nice in his black T-shirt. *swoon*

Whatever. This isn't about my lusty ways.

Here's Dr. Drew's "Analysis" of Episode 3

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