Thursday, January 24, 2008

I love Stephen Fry too!

I probably never mentioned that before.

But let me state clearly, for the record:

I have a crush on Hugh Laurie. I would have sex with Hugh Laurie.
I love Stephen Fry as an actor/writer & what I know about him as a person. I am not physically attracted to him (and I'm not his type either, LOL.) I like him enough to search for his name on my DVR. He's the reason I started watching "Bones", because he did a story arc on there as a psychiatrist.

Anyway, yesterday I was browsing Entrecard blogs when I saw that someone had a link to Stephen Fry's Blog (The link is in my left sidebar right under the Hugh Laurie links.) I never think about celebrities blogging. I hear about it on shows like "The Soup", but I've never searched for celebrity blogs. Never even thought about it.

So when I saw the link, I was interested to see what this was. I read a "blessay" titled "I give up".

He writes the same way he is on "A Bit of Fry & Laurie". I didn't know this!!! I love when he gives a monologue on ABOFAL because his "phrasal mannerisms" (Yes, I stole that from him, LOL.) are so different & funny. I mean, he and Hugh were the writers on ABOFAL, but I thought that they were writing "in character" I guess. I just never thought that he'd really be that way, LOL.

I haven't had a chance to read anything else because I actually had some real life BULLSHIT to deal with, but I will be reading it all.

I would totally be friends with this man IRL. I LUFF HIM! :-)

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