Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Maybe this is why I don't sleep

To avoid dreams like this:

So I'm at Gwen Stefani's house for something. Her husband was not the real husband, it was Gavin Rossdale in the dream. They had 2 kids. Like 2 & 4. Whatever.

I thought it was strange that everyone talked about what a good mother she is when she had nothing to do with her children while I was there. Someone else was feeding them & putting them to bed & whatnot.

Anyway, I drifted off into the living room with a group of about 7 older (like 50ish) hippy looking people. There were no chairs, just pillows.

So this one dude comes in, he's the college professor (he talked to me for a while, that's how I know), starts dumping kerosene or something on some of the pillows for better light because everyone was reading really intellectual books. (In the dream they seemed really intellectual. One of the titles that I remember now is "How to read anything." ??? How can you READ about READING if you don't already know how to read???)

He was setting fires on the pillows.

Then he picked up one of the burning pillows and hit his wife over the head with it, like a "pillow fight" type of hit, not like he was really trying to hurt her. She smacked him on the leg or something. They were both laughing.

But after she smacked him, he smacked the fuck out of her face with the burning pillow. It left a red mark on her cheek. Her long blonde hair caught on fire.

She said "Honey, don't. If you set too many fires, you might think everyone is dead because they'll be cold in comparison"

He said "Do you smell something burning? Oh. It's your hair." I mean, her whole head was ablaze by this point & blistering and he wasn't actually freaking out. Didn't even seem upset. He was too high.

I'm just sitting in there like "These people are fucking crazy and I'm leaving before one of these high motherfuckers sets me on fire."

So dude tries to put the fire out on his wife's head by smothering her with the burning pillow.

She suffocated. Obviously.

I left.

I woke up.

Is that not the MOST RETARDED SHIT EVER? These are the crazy kind of dreams I usually have, I just don't normally remember them.

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