Thursday, January 24, 2008

13 Things I don't "get"

There are things that I just don't understand, that I don't "get". This is a partial list of those things, LOL.

1. Fashion. I'll admit that it's mainly because I don't care about fashion. If I have a choice between spending hundreds of dollars on something that will only be "in" for one season, or spending hundreds of dollars on things that I can use & enjoy for the rest of my life, I'll pick the latter. But some of the things that become so popular...just look stupid to me. Or uncomfortable. I watch "Project Runway". Some of the shit those people come up with are outfits that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Or Oprah. I'm not even talking Haute Couture (which I REALLY don't get). I'm talking about the stuff that's supposed to be wearable.

2. People who can't cook. This is not cute. I understand if you don't have the desire to learn how to cook gourmet meals. But seriously, having to buy all of the food you eat already prepared? That's ridiculous. Everyone should know how to boil noodles & heat up spaghetti sauce at the very least. Boys need to learn to cook too. My mother made sure my brother knew how to cook. Now, he acts like he has no clue, but that's because he's lazy & he knows his wife will do it for him. This is one of the things that prepares you for life. You need to know how to take care of yourself. Feeding yourself is one of those things that everyone should know.

3. Obsession with celebrity. I've said this before. People have told me because it's a nice escape from their everyday life. I don't give a flying fart what Hugh Laurie is doing right this second. Or any other second that he's not working on "House, MD". I care about things that affect the show. I don't KNOW him personally. I'll only care about his personal life if he gets a divorce and moves to my town...

4. Parents who don't tell their kids about sex. Maybe if you talked to your kids about sex, we wouldn't have so many teenage pregnancies. Maybe we wouldn't have girls wearing those plastic bracelets proclaiming to the world what sex acts they are willing to perform. Maybe we wouldn't have news stories about teenagers having sex on the school bus or in the janitor's closet. Wake the fuck up! It's not how it was when YOU were a teen. You can't bury your head in the sand and just hope that your child will make the right decisions based on info they've heard from their friends.

5. Art. I admit that I am unphosisticated. I think I'm actually proud of it, LOL. I don't understand why people like to look at things that do not, in any way, resemble what they're supposed to represent. If it's a bird, it should look like a bird. If the title of the "objet d'art" is "Falling in love", it should have 2 people staring at each other lovingly, or a mother looking at her newborn baby, or something recognizable. Not just paint splatters on a canvas or a metal monstrosity.

6. People who can't/wont say "No". If you are not willing to stand up for yourself, no one else should. I'm not saying no one else will, because there always seems to be someone around to enable your spinelessness. Just not me. Being able to say "NO!" without feeling guilty or bad is a virtue, IMO. I'm not talking about your job, necessarily. Sometimes we have to do shit we don't like to pay our bills. I'm talking about your personal life. "No, I will not babysit your Bebe's Kids." "No, I will not let you live with me rent free while you 'find yourself'." "No, I will not give you a ride to the store. I don't even know you. Why the hell did you knock on my door in the first place?" (This has actually happened to me, LOL. What STRANGER asks to BORROW YOUR CAR or for a ride to the freaking liquor store having never in their life laid eyes on you before???)

7. How my son can destroy my perfectly clean house in 5 minutes. Seriously. I can vacuum, dust, put everything in it's proper place, and 5 minutes after he gets off the bus, the living room looks like I never did anything...

8. Why people seem to be getting dumber.
"Most people pronounce it corectly and now that it is German in orgin."

This is a direct quote from a message board. Spell check would have helped with this. A LOT. But clearly, the poster did not know the difference between "Know" and "Now." ???

Are we passing kids just to get them out into the workforce? HOW DO YOU GET THROUGH SCHOOL WITHOUT LEARNING ABOUT GRAMMAR & SPELLING? Aren't these elementary school subjects? I'm not talking quantum physics here. Just basic knowledge. Knowledge that my son has had for YEARS.

It seems like the gap between intelligence & idiocy is widening by the decade. Maybe it's because we only hear about the idiots? I don't know, but it makes me sad.

9. Why people can't say what the fuck they want to say. Why is it getting to the point where everyeffingthing is policed by the Politically Correct Squad? I say some shit that will be offensive to one group or another from time to time. But so what? You don't have to read this blog. You don't have to agree with me. Wouldn't you rather know how I feel than have to wonder about it?

I understand why you can't say "I'm going to kill that SOB." because that is a threat. You might actually go through with it. That's illegal.

But why can't people state their honest opinions about things without it being "bad"? Why does it feel like I can't have any unguarded moments anywhere at any time? When did we all become so hypersensitive? Why can't we all just GROW THE FUCK UP and realize that you will not agree with everyone all the time??? When did America become a nation of whiny punk bitches?

10. Why people do reality shows. I'm not talking about "Trading Spaces" or a show where you might actually benefit. I mean the shows like "Rock of Love" or "Bad Girls". The shows where you have to leave your inhibitions & common sense at the door. WHY would you go on national TV and show your ass (literally & figuratively)? Did you not SEE the show before you auditioned? Did those people look like people to be admired?

All I'm saying is that one day, you may have children. One day, you may get married. Do you want your children seeing you act this way? Would you want your potential life partner knowing you were a fucking idiot 20 years ago?

All I'm saying is that, after the show is over, you still have to go back out into society. You have to see your parents & friends & co-workers and answer for your actions.

What the hell is wrong with you???

11. The National Debt. Ok, I actually looked it up. I understand that better now, so nevermind, LOL. I went here. I wasn't thinking about Social Security or Savings Bonds or anything like that. I was just thinking "Who do we owe??"

12. Why some people care more about animals than people. I understand not liking people. Most of them get on my nerves. But if you gave me a choice between saving Oprah from a fire or saving ANY ANIMAL, I would save Oprah. I do not think animals are equal to humans. There, I said it. Animals are lower on the food chain than I. I will forever be more concerned about human rights than animal rights.

It's sick and twisted what some people do to animals. But I'd rather they do it to animals than another human being.

13. Tanorexia. Skin cancer & leather face, people.

Funny (to me) story:

Back when I worked in a very small office (with 3 other people), one of the women was a Tanorexic. One day, I told her to hold out her arm. Then I held mine up right beside hers.

She - OH! I didn't realize I was that dark!

HAAAAAAAAA! I think she laid off of the tanning bed for a minute. But when I saw her, years later, she was just as brown as she'd always been and looking way older than her age....

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