Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I watched 2 New TV Shows

I recorded both of these just to see what they were like. To see if I thought I'd like them.

Parking Wars on A&E.

I didn't think I'd watch this show when I first saw it advertised. I honestly don't know why I recorded it last night. (Sure I do. No new House, Bones was a repeat, the hour was free on my DVR recording schedule, take your pick.)

So I watched it. 2 shows aired last night. I feel sorry for ALL of the people, LOL.

I feel sorry for the PPA (Philadelphia Parking Authority) because those people are just doing their jobs and they have to be subjected to being cussed out & hated for making a living.

I feel sorry for the idiots who don't pay their parking tickets (yes, even the idiots) because I know from experience how a $5 parking ticket can turn into a $150 parking ticket if you don't pay it. But some of these people went to pay their fine and found out that they didn't have the right registration or that the wrong person came to pay the fine (the licensed owner of the car has to be there) so they end up staying there for 5 hours or whatever trying to get it straightened out.

One woman cried over her car that got booted & towed away. She owed over $700 on her car. That didn't run anyway. That hadn't been driven in years. Even though she had a Mercedes in her driveway.

It's just crazy, LOL.

I will be recording the season. It's amazing how interesting people doing their jobs can be. I know I'd have never thought that about "Meter Maids"!

Cashmere Mafia on ABC.

The title didn't turn me on. I don't even think I'd be recording it if not for the DAMNED WRITER'S STRIKE THAT'S FUCKING WITH MY TV VIEWING SCHEDULE.


But I think I saw Lucy Liu in one of the promos. I remember her as Ling on Ally McBeal & I was curious about what kind of character this would be, so I recorded it.

It was all right...

One of the members of the Mafia discovered that her husband is cheating on her.
One of them discovered that she might be gay.
One of them had her fiance break up with her because she beat him out of a promotion.
One of them is having problems with her nanny & her personal assistant.

This isn't the type of show I normally watch. I have no sympathy for any of the characters.

It will do until Dirty Sexy Money comes back on or something more my "taste" pops up.

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