Monday, January 14, 2008

Another post about TV....I think

Last night, I stumbled across a "new to me" show on Sci-Fi. It was called "Guinea Pig" (Tuesdays at 9pm EST).

This dude, Ryan Stock, is apparently a "Jackass" type of guy. But he does it in the name of science, so it isn't just stupid/crazy.

Last night I saw him get shot with "less lethal" weapons. Like something that shoots "pepper spray" type projectiles. He got really bruised up. He also got hit with a taser & mace, but I only tuned in after 15 minutes of the show had already passed, so I didn't see that.

On the next show, he licked a tarantula, got stung by fire ants, a killer bee, a spider wasp and was bitten by several different snakes.

Why? No idea. I don't actually need to see a person being bitten by a snake or stung by a wasp to know that I don't want it to happen to me.

But I'll be watching, LOL.

The Golden Globes

Is that what was on last night? The one that had to do a "news conference" type of deal because the AMPTP is full of greedy assholes who won't give the members of the WGA what they want?

I think so.


All award shows should be news conferences.

I don't care what celebrities wear. I just want to know if Hugh Laurie won for House (He didn't. Who the hell is Jon Hamm anyway??). But it was nice to be able to zap through 60 minutes of crap instead of having to zap through 3+ hours of irritating Bruce Vilanch patter & celebrity acceptance speeches.

It means that we missed moments like this:

But I also didn't have to take up a lot of space on my DVR just to have to FF through 99% of the poop just to see if he'd won.

All in all, I'd rather have the "press conference".

Please don't comment that you love the red carpet and seeing what the stars wear. I don't care. I think the whole thing is a waste of time and in a normal "not strike" tv season, I get irritated that my regularly scheduled programs don't air because of award shows.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Mondays 9pm EST)

When I first saw a promo for this show, I didn't think I'd watch it.

Writer's Strike

So I watched it. It was aight. The girl playing John Connor's bodyguard terminator certainly got the wide eyed blank stare down. And of course, she's a "new" model that's supposed to appear more human (She can eat, for example). But when regular TV comes back on, I probably won't continue to watch it.

I hate the hair on Sarah & John Connor. It looks shaggy. I wouldn't mention this at all except it's distracting. Plus, I only want to see Linda Hamilton & Arnold Shwarzenegger. I guess I'm old school, LOL.


Cashmere Mafia
Does anyone else think that The Redhead is just Bree VanDeCamp without the muffin baskets & perfect home-making skills?

I'm already tired of the "Maybe I'm a lesbian?" chick & Lucy Liu's indecisiveness.

I DID like the way that one chick rented a whole tour bus to be able to go on her child's field trip, though. That was Gangsta! (Sorry, I just watched Katt Williams. Everything was "Gangsta", LOL.)

Celebrity Apprentice

Just what it sounds like. I watch Gene Simmons' Family Jewels (or whatever) on A&E. I've always thought that he was extremely arrogant. But Shannon & the kids keep him in his place. And they are so likeable that you kind of forget about his assholishness (I made that word up. You can use it. But I want credit...)

On the last episode of CA, he was very condescending to Ivanka Trump. She is a better woman than I because if he made those idiotic sexist remarks to me, I'd have to put his tight faced, old, viagra using ass in check.


When will the writer's strike be over????

I blame the AMPTP for making me watch crap I wouldn't ordinarily watch because THERE'S NOTHING ELSE ON!

I want to get back to watching my usual crap.

Pay the writers, you stingy fucktards!!!



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