Sunday, January 13, 2008


Sam left a comment on my blog.

He left a link to the article "10 Simple Ways to Squeeze the Most Out of Entrecard for Your Greater Advantage!"

He had some really good tips there. Some I'd never even thought about. He also has a "Give Recommendations" exchange type thing going on. (You write a recommendation for his blog, he writes one for yours.)

So I left a recommendation for his blog. Took 30 seconds. Then I get this AWESOME recommendation from him.

Wow, what an irony this is written by an insomniac! I usually fall asleep trying to read personal blogs but this one kept me awake! It's full of all kinds of interesting things that are both fun and useful to people whether it is about better parenting or better blogging. Way to go, girl! Thanks!

Kind of makes me feel guilty for the "blah" recommendation I gave him. :-(

But I'll take whatever I can get, LOL!

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