Tuesday, December 18, 2007

WHAT?!?! OMG, say it isn't so

I was just watching Chelsea Lately.

E-news came on with "Breaking News".

Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant.


Ok, when Britney started losing her mind, I just assumed that it was because she'd been working since she was about 15 and never really had a chance to be a kid.

I also assumed that she's always been a fucking hillbilly, so money is not going to change that.

But when I started seeing Jamie Lynn on Nickelodeon (I just watched Zoey 101 today with Evan), I thought that she might be ok.

I thought that with her seeing all the crap her sister goes through, she'd make different choices for herself.

Apparently not.

Did no one ever tell the girl the facts of life? She's 16 years old. Surely she knew that having sex can result in pregnancy or venereal disease. (Even with a condom, it can happen. Condoms break sometimes...)

Did her mother not suspect that this girl was having sex?

Did her mother never take her to get birth control?

Are we really to believe that Lynne Spears has no culpability in the fact that both of her children are fucking idiots?

I don't usually give a shit about celebrity news.

But this really shocked me.

I'm so disappointed.

And the first thing she does is tell OK magazine????

She clearly learned to be a media whore from her big fuck up sister.


Read the story here.

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