Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Random Crap

Just in case you were wondering, I sort of have hot water.

Apparently, the thermostat on the second new water heater is broken. Or the element. Something. So half of what's in there is hot water, the other half is cold. After I wait for 5 minutes, hot water starts coming out, LOL. They claim they'll be back at 9 am to replace the element on the top half. (Anyone want to make a bet on how many hours they'll be here or if they fuck it up so that I'm again without hot water?)

I washed some dishes, I was so happy. Soaked my feet in epsom salt. They're still swollen.


Ennyway, I watched "Cinderella Man" today.

Evan - So you have a crush on Russell Crowe now?
Me - No. I just realized that he's a really good actor. He is ALWAYS someone different in every role he plays. I've liked every movie in which I've ever seen him. So when this came on after "A Beautiful Mind", I decided to tape it.

He ended up liking the movie too.


He usually likes the movies I like. It's kind of odd, LOL. I guess because I don't normally watch "chick flicks".


What else?

I told The Boy that I'm buying Harry Potter tomorrow.

Evan - So that's for US this Christmas?
Me - No. It's PG 13. You have to wait a whole year to watch it.


I started braiding my hair.

Because I'm sick of it, LOL.

I put some green in it.

Evan wanted me to put purple. Or pink????? (That will never happen.)

I told him that the green is my tribute to Christmas, since that's about the extent of my efforts in being cheery this year.

I'll post some pics when it's all done! :-)


I drank 3 shots of rum. Fell asleep for about 10 minutes.

Now I'm going to drink some more.

I think taking the Goody Powder (which has caffeine) in anticipation of the hangover is what woke me up. That, and Evan banging crap on every hard surface in here...

But I'd rather not chase a headache, nodamene? It doesn't take much for one of my headaches to turn into a migraine.

I'm off to get tipsy now. See ya!

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