Sunday, December 09, 2007

Game Night

Last night I was watching my Clint Eastwood movies (Pale Rider last night) when Evan said he wanted to play a game. Not a video game.

He had found 2 decks of cards so we played Go Fish.

I won 2 games.

Then I suggested that we play Rummy.

We played one game. He claimed he didn't understand it.

So then we played "Extreme Go Fish".

Evan made it up.

Basically, you shuffle the 2 decks of cards together, deal 26 cards to each person & then play go fish like normal but you need 6 cards to spread them.

He lost.

Of course.

WHY he won't listen to me when I suggest that he put his cards in numerical order instead of whatever "system" he has, I'll never know.

So then I suggested that we play Lord of the Rings Monopoly.

I basically owned everything, LOL.

Poor kid.

No, I'm not one of those parents who lets their child win. I never will be. So don't even suggest it.

How do people who grow up like that, with parents lying to them constantly, deal with being an adult when they realize that their parents were liars and that they really aren't all that awesome?

At least when I tell Evan "Good job! This is great!" he knows that I mean it.

It was fun.

I had been trying to get buzzed enough to sleep.

I mixed the Manishewitz (too bland) with that Sparkling Apple & Pomegranate juice (too tart) and made a very decent drink that tasted like sparkling grape juice.

I think we played until 1 AM & then I told him that I HAD to elevate my feet & get some sleep.

Now I'm going to fucking heat up some fucking water so I can soak my fucking fat woman's fucking feet.

Do I seem irritated?


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