Monday, December 03, 2007

Buying The Boy's Christmas presents

So, when we go to Wal-Mart and Evan sees some toy he wants, I tell him to get it NOW because chances are that if I just say "Oh" and then try to go back and get it later, it will be gone.

Yes, I know he's not surprised on Christmas morning, but so what?? Christmas is just another parenting obligation to me now.

When he was under 5 years old, I got a kick out of watching him open his gifts. He got so excited! It didn't matter if the gift came from The Dollar Store or if it was expensive. He was just happy to get something, LOL.

I suppose he still is, but I don't feel the joy that I used to feel. Now I just want x-mas & birthday (12/30) to be OVER.

Anyway, we buy the toys with the understanding that he cannot play with it until Christmas. I still wrap the shit because wrapping is fun for me.

This morning, he told me that he hadn't played with the Sigma 6 action figures, but he had opened a couple of them enough to get out the "manual" that comes with them.

I said "Well, I guess Christmas shopping for this year is over. I bought those toys with the understanding that you WOULD NOT OPEN THEM! I didn't say you can open it just to get the manual."

He seemed to be ok with that.

Maybe because he knows he has other shit at Nana's house. (I take it there so I can wrap her gifts & my gifts at the same time. And she has a shitload of wrapping paper since she has a Post Christmas Bargain Shopping addiction.)

Today I bought him some clothes.

I have to wrap them before he gets home from school.


I wonder if I'll get more excited about Christmas when it gets closer. Or will I just get more and more irritated telling him "NO! YOU CAN'T OPEN ANYTHING UNTIL 12:00 AM ON DECEMBER 25!!!"

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