Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday Memeage

Daily 3

Well it's almost 3:30 pm and there are no new questions, so I'm going to use a previous entry.

1. Name three occupations you would never consider. What factors contribute to this opinion? Sanitation Engineer, Oncologist, and teacher. The funk, the crying, the noise.

2. What are three ideal occupations? What factors contribute to this opinion? Writer, Reader & Website Designer. I like to write, I like to read & I like creating crap, LOL.

3. Name three great jobs you've held and three of the worst (if you haven't had six or more jobs in your lifetime, just give us one of each.) What factors made them good or bad? Cashier at Hardees & Executive Assistant. I hated Hardees because people....I don't like people. I LOVED being an Executive Assistant because my boss was AWESOME and I got a lot of free crap. :-)

It is Wednesday, right? No Loaded Questions either. *Sigh*

Wednesday Mind Hump

5 things in my refrigerator right now:
1. Sodas that I'm not going to drink.
2. Garlic stuffed olives
3. Marinating short ribs
4. Strawberry Yogurt
5. Mustard

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