Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday 11/15/07

3x Thursday

1. Would you describe yourself as impatient? Why/why not? Absolutely. I would describe myself that way because it's true.

2. In general, do you think you're a good worker? Why/why not? What are your strengths? I'm an awesome worker. I do my job to the best of my abilities which is, if I do say so myself, better than a lot of people's best. My strengths are strong organizational skills and perfectionism. I don't stop until it's perfect TO ME. I found that any employer I had had lower expectations for whatever it was than I did, LOL.

3. Do you think you're a good person? Why/why not? I have the ability to be a good person. LMAO! I've almost gotten over the guilt that I feel when I'm not "good". That's going to be my New Year's resolution...not feeling guilty when I cut some slow motherfucker off in traffic. ;-)

Thursday Thirteen

13 Strange Celebrity "Attractions"
If you've read this blog AT ALL in the past 12 months, you realize that I always have a celebrity crush. Some last longer than others. Some are more intense than others (Hugh Laurie is my current imaginary BF). And then there are some that I can't even explain myself. Sometimes it freaks me out, LOL. I become obsessed with finding out WHY I'm attracted to that particular person. Sometimes I never figure it out. These aren't exactly "crushes", though. I'm just attracted to them and they don't fit my usual "type".

1. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith - It's strange because he's so freaking skinny. And ugly. And he looks like he stinks.

2. Gerard Butler - It's strange because I don't think he's attractive. But when he played Attila he was incredibly sexy to me.

3. Joaquin Phoenix - Definitely not attractive to me. But he was sexy in Walk the Line.

4. Drew Carey - I don't know. Something about his big black nerdy glasses was cute to me, LOL. I always felt like he'd be fun to hang out with.

5. Ron Rifkin - Better known as Arvin Sloan on Alias. The short little effer was EVIL. But also kind of cute. :-)

6. Katt Williams - Short little Prince look alike. You might know him as Money Mike from Friday After Next. His voice is SO irritating. But he's funny as hell.

7. Mike Rowe - Dirty Jobs guy. It's not strange that I had a crush on him (back when he worked at QVC). He is "my type". But he looks like a Shar Pei.

8. Judi Dench - She's a woman.

9. David Letterman - Poor dude is...unfortunate looking, LOL! But I've been attracted to him since my early teens.

10. Ice Cube - Now he's HOTT! It's strange because he looks like my brother. Which is kind of gross when I think about it.

11. Andre 3000 - Good looking man. But he dresses so CRAZY and any time I've seen him in an interview I get the impression that he's a space cadet. I don't normally like stupid or spacey...

12. Gordon Ramsay - What???!!?!?!? OMG. I find myself searching for his name on the DVR (after looking for Hugh Laurie & Clint Eastwood) because I just feel an intense sexual attraction for him. And he's not handsome. And it pisses me off that I can like anyone that other women get moist over, LOL. WHAT is he DOING to us American women??

13. The Green Lantern - There was one series of some cartoon show...let me think...The Legion of Superheroes? I don't remember. But The Green Lantern was a black guy and I always thought that if he was a real man and not a cartoon he'd be fine as hell. It's strange because he's a geedee cartoon...

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