Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm awake, so I'm blogging

First, my favorite woman in the whole wide world produced a movie directed by my favorite male actor in the world.

Yes, Oprah Winfrey is producing the Denzel Washington film "The Great Debaters". It comes out Christmas Day.


I understand the whole thing about big box office on Opening Week. But this shit is getting ridiculous. Christmas is on a Tuesday.

Remember back in the day when new movies came out on Fridays? Then producers started releasing on Thursday, to get a bigger "weekend". Now it's Wednesdays.

Oprah just had to do it on Tuesday. Christmas, no less.

I'll still see it because it looks like a good movie and I'd never heard this story before.

But I'll wait for DVD when Mommy Dearest buys it, because she buys anything starring black people & never watches it, so I'll see it for free.

Oprah can kiss my ass. And she pissed me off on her show today every time she said "Danzel". WTF??? (Yessssssss, sometimes I record the show because I want to see the celebs. Even if it's just to hate, LOL.)

Danzel was wearing one of my mother's muumuus as a shirt. He looked like he'd been crying. And he looked like he'd gained about 30 lbs. But whatever.

Second, I think I have mice!!!!!!! I'd like to thank Cat from JJHF for bringing this up in the forum. She just had to start talking about it. Now I'm hearing what sounds like mice chewing on the studs in my kitchen ceiling. I haven't seen any evidence (droppings, sawdust), but what else makes that noise?

And how the hell am I supposed to get that killer bait in the ceiling???? And if they do eat it and then die in the walls, my house will smell like corpses for I don't know how long.

I'm going to bait the kitchen and bathroom. And call the landlord. And never speak to Cat again. ;-)

What else?

I know there was something...


No idea.

But a few weeks/months ago I told Mommy Dearest about The Boondocks. I let her watch an episode here. So then I had to go set her DVR to record it.

It's interesting that she wants to watch it. It's a cartoon. They say "Nigga" almost every sentence. She usually doesn't like anything I watch.

But she told my brother about it (I'm shocked he didn't know about it already) and now he watches it too.

It's nice when we can all watch the same wholesome family entertainment in different places.


It comes on the Cartoon Network on Mondays if you want to check it out. :-)

They have a lot of celebrities doing the voices. Craig's Dad from Friday plays Granddad, Regina King (from Ray) does Huey & Riley, Charlie Murphy plays Ed Wuncler, Samuel L. Jackson plays Rummy. This week Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes and some other rapper (I think) played characters. Last week Aisha Tyler was on.

I think I have more fun trying to figure out the voices before the credits roll than actually watching the show, LOL.

That is all. For now.

I'm off to eff with my template some more. :-)

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