Monday, November 05, 2007

Blog of the Week

Occasionally, I get bored.

I know you're shocked.

If I don't feel like reading or playing with Paintshop Pro or kicking Evan's bootie in a video game, I surf the web.

Sometimes I find blogs that have one entry that interests me, but all the rest make my eyes cross. Other times I find a blog that I will add to my blog reader.

They aren't blogs that will change your life. I am not Oprah. I have an innate resistance to self improvement. What they are, are blogs that just make me smile or laugh out loud or think. Which is why I've decided to start doing a "Blog of the Week" here.

From now on, or until I forget, I will spotlight one blog per week. For now I'll say that the Blog of the Week will be announced on Mondays. (Since I do the most surfing on the weekends.)

I'll announce the blog, tell you to go there and then put the blog in my sidebar under "Blogs I found when I was bored". I don't know how long they'll stay up there. It depends on how junky my sidebar is looking. Or if, in the throes of PMS, I get miffed that I'm pimping other people's blogs with no return on my investment.

And now, without further ado, the very first Blog of the Week.

Signs of the Week
We've all seen funny or interesting signs when we're driving around town. This blog is devoted specifically to those signs. I have no idea if the author of the blog is a he or a she since dude/tte has no profile. Which piques my interest...

I like this Blog because it makes me smile. There's nothing "heavy" about it.

So go there and brighten your day a little bit. :-)

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