Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ten of Tina's Twosomes

Ten on Tuesday

10 Words to describe myself:

1. Irritable
2. Female
3. Bossy
4. Bitchy
5. Talented
6. Awesome
7. Lustful
8. Creative
9. Argumentative
10. Aggressive

Tina's Tuesdays

Christmas is coming up really soon...

1. When will you start your shopping? I don't know that I will. I'm sure The Boy would be really happy getting money.

2. How many people do you have to buy for? One.

3. What are your favorite places to shop at? Amazon.com & Wal-mart.

Tuesday Twosome

Reputations, would you rather…

1. Be the person next door or the fantasy person that appears unattainable? (explain)
I already am the person that appears unattainable. I'm fine with that. Especially if the person next door is one of those that is visited frequently to ask to borrow sugar or for a ride to the store.

Update @ 5:03pm: I've been thinking about this answer all day. I don't want to give the impression that I think I'm Halle Berry. I don't. And I'm thankful for that, LOL. But I think other people would perceive "unattainable" in a different way than I have. A "relationship" with me, where we share secrets and call each other in the middle of the night just to talk, is not going to happen. I have friends who already fill that role in my life. So the "I just made a new best friend" category is what's unattainable with me. I have too much crap to deal with already and I don't think adding more people who also have a lot of crap to deal with is going to enrich my life. I like the superficial "friendships" I make online. We can chat or e-mail or whatever, but if we don't I won't have to deal with the stroking of the ego or someone trying to manipulate me into feeling guilty for not making more of an effort to keep in touch.

Living, breathing people in my face wear me out physically & emotionally.

2. Lie to maintain a “goody-goody” rep or not care what people thought about you? (explain)
*sigh* I already don't care what people think. It frees me to tell the truth. But I think I have a goody goody reputation anyway because I don't do bad things. Ever. I'm an angel. Always have been.

3. Go back in time to undo your mistakes or deal with the mistakes and learn from it? (explain)
I'd rather deal with the mistakes I've made. I have no desire to go back to any point in time and do the shit all over again.

4. Be friends with people that make you look good or people that make you appear to have an edge? (explain)
I'd rather be friends with people that enhance my life. I don't give a shit what my relationships look like to outsiders. It's none of their business.

5. Stay friends with a person that betrays you or break it off and not give her/him another chance? (explain)
If the past is any indicator, I will break it off depending how deep the betrayal. I'd rather do that. I'm not a trusting person to begin with. I'd always be wondering when they were going to screw me again & then kick myself for staying there to let it happen a second time.

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