Wednesday, October 31, 2007

TV Shows

Watched Nip/Tuck's season premier last night. I don't really have anything to say about it, LOL. But then there wasn't any gross surgery. Jennifer Coolidge was funny. She always is, though.

House was good (dur). I loved it when House & Cuddy went into the room with the patient who had Mirror Syndrome. Apparently, when a patient has that, he imitates the "Alpha" in the room. So House is the Alpha. We already knew that. But now everybody else knows it too, LOL.

The Unit had that girl Mikayla (or whatever) from American Idol on as a "diva". At one point when she's supposedly singing live, the song said one thing & her mouth started to say another. Maybe her mouth actually completed the wrong word. I just can't believe they left that in there. Really bad editing. I never did like that girl. I wonder if it was type casting? And I hate that she stole that dude's poem and made it into a song and he got NO CREDIT. He can't sue. That sucks so bad. And it looks like he's going to die next week. :-(

I've continued to watch Salt N Pepa. They are SO opposite I can't believe they were ever friends. I'm sure that Cheryl (Salt) had changed a lot, but damn. It's also interesting that she says that Pep never listens but she's the one who talks so damned fast that Pep can't get a word in edgewise. Pep has always reminded me of my SIL. They have a lot of similarities. And I'm sure she'd be thrilled to know I think that, LOL. WTFever.

Have you noticed how many people get into the music business and then after a while they get really religious? I suppose that's better than Rehab. Prince & Vanity spring to mind immediately. I think she became a preacher or something. Crazy!

That's it, I'm thoo.

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