Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tuesday's TV Premiers

House MD

The long awaited and highly anticipated (for me, at least) premier of season 4 of House MD was last night.

I thought it was funny. Especially when Wilson kidnapped House's guitar. It was also kind of sad for House to be going all over the hospital trying to do the differential diagnosis with anyone and everyone. (Dr. Buffer the janitor???)

One of the funniest lines, IMO, was when House told a doctor that her eyes were not symmetrical and then said "And by eyes, I mean breasts."

I read in TV Guide that one of the applicants for the job will be a black Mormon. I can't wait for that! And Kumar (or Harold, I can't remember) is also going to be one of the applicants.

The Unit

The Unit also had it's season premier. I am NOT HAPPY that they changed the theme song. I want the old marching song "Fired up, Fired up, 27, Fired up!" Why would they change that? I listened to that theme song every week. Just like I listen to House MD's theme song, even when I'm watching it on DVD.

Jonas (Dennis Haysbert) looks good with a shaved head. Really good. Yummy good.

Anyway, it's hard to "review" the show without going into all the characters & what happened last season. The premier was good. I liked the way Molly passed messages to Hector. I do not like not knowing if Bob Brown is really on The Unit's side or if he's loyal to the CIA.

WTF happened with Mack? I don't like the way it seems like all these Unit members are giving up. Of course, we will find out more as the season goes on. And that's why I can't wait for next Tuesday.

If you aren't already watching "The Unit", you need to.


The series premier of Jimmy Smit's new show was last night. It looks like it's going to be a Sopranosesque show. Only with Cubans instead of Italians. (Who knew the sugar cane business was so dangerous?)

I'll give it a couple more weeks. New show, a lot of new characters to learn. It will take some time.

The show was good. I'll enjoy watching Nestor Carbonell, even if his character is an ass who is ruled by his libido.

That's all for me. What did you watch last night?

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