Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday Memes

Because I don't think I have pictures of anything I've cooked for the Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt. And I'm too lazy to look. :-)

The Saturday Special Meme
~TV Delights~

1. Favorite TV Chef:
Paula Deen. I've cooked a lot of recipes from her show. And she's really fun to watch.

2. Favorite TV Cooking Personality: Paula Deen.

3. Favorite TV Dinner: Seafood Scampi. I can't remember the brand. It comes with yellow carrots & green beans. Evan says it's "Corner Bistro".

4. Favorite Watching TV Movie Snack: Cigarettes.

Saturday 8
Personality. (I went back a couple of weeks to 4/28 because they didn't have a recent meme.)

1. when was the last time a person was able to make you very happy (non-sexually, ahem) and what did that person do to make you smile? Very happy is not in my nature. Neither is moderately happy. Content is the best it gets. And I don't remember. :-(

2. when was the last time that a person seriously pissed you off and what did they do? Yesterday. My mother. Read about it here.

3. when was the last time an individual made you know that you were loved beyond a shadow of a doubt, and how did they show it?

This morning. I had to go to the bank. I didn't feel like putting my walker in the car or taking it back out because my effing back hurts. So I asked Evan to walk me out to the car & look for me to come back so he could bring my walker out to me.

He did. I didn't even have to honk. And then after he brought it, he stood around waiting for a while and he said "Do you think you can make it back to the house ok? Or should I wait in case you start to fall?"

Awwwwwwwwww. He so sweet. I don't know what he thinks he would do if I did start to fall, LOL. But it's sweet that he takes care of me. He always does. :-)

4. when was the last time an individual guaranteed (via action or words) that they would never care about you again?
LMFAO. I don't think I've ever experienced that. I wish some of these zkurvysyns would leave me alone. The other day at Wal-mart, I saw an ex sex partner. I sped away as fast as my little electric cart would carry me before he saw me. The idiot used to call every September just to see if I'd changed my mind about going out with him again. He only stopped when I got my land line disconnected...

5. do you still care about that person, even a little bit?

6. when was the last time that an individual totally did something that absolutely confused you, and what was it?

Last year sometime I think. My aunt was living in her own apartment. Her kids had both been banned from the apartment complex because when they lived there, they had the police called on them multiple times. Anyway, she finally had some peace & quiet. I love my aunt. She works herself to death to take care of her stupid kids because they can't take care of themselves.

That's her fault, but I don't care. I love her. I wish SHE was my mother. She's so sweet.

On second thought, I don't really wish she was my mother. Because then I'd be an adult who couldn't take care of herself too.

Anyway, she moved into another apartment with her kids. A smaller apartment, with higher rent, so she could split the rent with her daughter (her son hasn't worked in years) so her daughter wouldn't get evicted.


They have to grow up sometimes. They won't do that until she stops bailing them out. But I'm almost half her age. She won't listen to me...

7. when was the last time a person made you feel 'sexy,' and how did they accomplish that?
*sob* I don't remember. I don't think "sexy" is something I normally feel. "Hot" or "Beautiful" or "Desireable" are more appropriate. And I can feel the first 2 just by putting on some makeup.

8. when was the last time someone made you question your belief system(s), and how did you react?
I don't think that's ever happened. I've always been pretty stubborn. Hard headed.

If it has happened, it was probably when I was in my 20s so I can't remember.

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