Friday, May 18, 2007

Evan, Mommy Dearest, & Smoking

I already told you that Evan took 2 breathing treatments before he went to school. He went to school anyway because HE wanted to. He didn't want to miss that Field day.

Since I'd been up since 5:30 this morning, I decided to try and take a nap around 12:30.

I don't think I got to sleep before Mommy Dearest came knocking on my door.

Her - Evan has called me 3 times at school asking me to ask you to come pick him up. (I usually have my phone off and rarely use it.)
Me - Ok. Will you go pick him up?
She - I'm not dressed for that! (She had on shorts & a t-shirt)
Me - They don't care what you look like
She - But I do
Me - Please?
She - I'll drive you and you can go to the office.
Me - I'll take myself. Bye.

The reason I asked her to check him out is because it takes so long to walk to the office that by the time I get there I'm sweating and I feel like my legs are going to give out.

If I park in the front, I have to walk up this long ass ramp that keeps zig zagging because the school is on such a steep hill.

If I park in the back, I have to walk the distance of a football field to get to the front of the building.

It's exhausting & I'm afraid that one of these days I really am going to pass out in the hallway and Evan & I will both be embarassed.


When Evan was in Elementary School, I could park right in front of the door, walk about 20 feet, and be in the office.

The middle school used to be a high school so it's much bigger.


I went to the office & collapsed in a chair.

The principal told me that Evan had been in the office for about 2 hours. He didn't actually have an asthma attack, but he was having a lot of trouble breathing and he was wheezing.

When Evan got to the office, he asked to go to the Dr. *faint* I knew he was feeling really bad. On the way to the Dr's office, I asked Evan what he had done before he started feeling bad. He said he'd played volley ball. But most of the time he just sat there.

It was really windy today & the pollen count is high, so being outside and excerting himself was a BAD idea. But who am I to tell a child that he can't go to school? That's the Dr's job, LOL.

So they gave Evan a steroid shot & another breathing treatment. Then we had to go next door to get a chest x-ray. (SO happy about that. There used to be a hospital beside my Dr's office, but it closed a few years ago because everyone was going to the NEW hospital that's about 15 minutes away. They just opened up a diagnostic center in the old hospital. YESSSSSSSS. No more driving for 30 minutes (round trip) for x-rays & waiting for those fuckers to send the x-rays to the Dr.)

Then we had to go back to the Dr's office so he could look at the x-rays.

Evan's chest was clear. But when I saw the x-ray I said "Isn't that thing in the middle supposed to be his heart?" It was so big it almost looked like a stomach.

The Dr. said "Yes, that's his heart. It is a little big." But he didn't seem concerned.

Evan said "Well, when people tell me that I have a big heart, I'll know that it's true."

I said "And when they tell you that you're full of poop, you'll know that's true too. See all those dark spots? That's poop."


I also saw the doctor since I was there. I needed a refill on some of my meds & I wanted to ask him about a new stop smoking aid I read about on Ohmygodyall (If you click the link, scroll down until you see the post titled "Gentle laxative my ass") It's called Chantix

When I run out of cigs, I'll start taking it. Some of the side effects are constipation (whee!) and trouble sleeping. Joy. Just what I need.

It cost me $110. For a month. But that's cheaper than what I spend on cigarettes per month so I'm cool with it. My doc gave me a 3 month prescription. And I have to go back periodically to get bloodwork done because the Chantix can affect liver function and some other crap that I don't care about. :-) (I won't care unless it starts affecting my liver. But it won't. Because I said so.)

What else?

I can't remember now.

I'm out!

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