Monday, May 14, 2007

Random Poop

Sue wrote a post and at the end she asked about men in turtlenecks. She was asking if they look gay, because one of her friends thinks so.

I said "No"

Hugh does not look gay here.

I don't think wearing a turtleneck necessarily looks gay. It would depend on the man. I would prefer that he didn't cover his huge adam's apple with a turtleneck, but they didn't ask me before they did the wardrobe on this episode of House.

He looks a little gay here:

It's how he's holding his hand. It's why I haven't made a tag with that pic. I don't want anything remotely feminine in the pics I stare at of my crush. It's bad enough that he's British.

Speaking of British, The Cynic is engaged! Read about it. So cute! I mean, the fact that he's engaged. I wouldn't know if HE was cute because even though he teased us that he was going to put a picture of himself & his fiance on his blog, he didn't. Typical British Arse... ;-P

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