Thursday, May 10, 2007

My 13 favorite episodes of House, MD

See that expression? He's embarrassed because I'm blogging about him again.

But I've been here for a couple of hours playing Cubis and I still can't think of a Thursday Thirteen Topic. I don't have 13 favorite flavors of ice cream. Or 13 favorite alcoholic drinks. It's music, movies, books and Hugh Laurie. I considered a "13 things that suck about being a mother" but The Boy hasn't hit puberty yet, so I don't even think I have 13 of those *gasp*.


Here's the list.

1. Detox
2. 3 Stories
3. All In
4. The Honeymoon
5. Failure to Communicate
6. Distractions
7. House vs. God
8. No Reason
9. Meaning
10. Words & Deeds
11. One Day, One Room
12. Insensitive
13. Airborne

You can go to for episode synopsis iffn you really want to know what each episode is about.

I didn't include last night's episode because I can't remember the name of it and I don't feel like getting up to look at the info on the DVR.

I think I've watched "All In" more than any of the other episodes. "Three Stories" is Evan's favorite. "Failure to communicate" is probably my second most watched one.

One of the things I'm amazed by is the actor who's playing the reporter. He has aphasia (sp?) so he says stuff like "Why consign? I'm tabled." because his brain can't think of the word he wants, so it substitutes other words. He doesn't realize he's doing this. I think the acting is amazing. It has to be hard to deliver lines properly if they don't make sense. I wonder if he actually said the words as they were written or just substituted whatever he wanted because we (the viewers) wouldn't be able to tell anyway.

It's awesome.

I have favorite scenes in other episodes of House, but on this list I just put the 13 episodes I've watched the most.

I can't wait until Season 3 comes out on DVD. :-)

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