Thursday, May 24, 2007

Last Day of School

So Thursday is officially the last day of school. It's only a half day, and you only have to be there if you're graduating from 8th grade.

So all week I've been telling Evan I was going to make him go to school on Thursday because I wasn't quite ready for school to be over. (And it does seem like it's gone by fast this school year. The good news is that they'll be going back August 8th.)

Anyway, after he came home from school, he immediately started asking if I was going to make him go to school today. I said "It depends on how bad you get on my nerves this evening."

But I knew I wasn't going to make him go. I'm sure he knew it too, LOL.

He made a list. It just happens to have 13 things on it.

So here's Evan's list for "Ultra Super Evan Jam Party Summer"

1. Procrastinate
2. Eat
3. Fart
4. Sleep
5. Use Bathroom
6. Irritate Mom a tiny bit less
7. Talk
8. Play Video Games
9. Spend the night with Nana
10. Dance Crazily
11. Talk Crazily
12. Drink soda & water
13. Have a great time!!!!

Honestly, the list isn't any different from weekends, LOL. Except I stopped him from spending the night with Nana when he came home sick TWICE and had to miss a few days of school. So I told him no more spending the night until after school is over so that if he gets sick, it won't matter.

He said he told all of his friends today that he's going to irritate me as much as he can before I run out of cigarettes and become "eviler". He's so sweet, isn't he?

I'm going to try to talk him into singing his song for me on youtube. Because "Ultra Super Evan Jam Party" has a theme song...

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