Saturday, April 14, 2007


First, I was going to mess around with some pics of Evan.

I found these 4 pictures.

That's what happens, apparently, when I'm in another room. The boy decides to be GI Joe on the Webcam.


He's insane.

I found this site where you can become an M&M.

Here's me

I don't have dreadlocks. But I do wear my glasses at home. She is a "Domestic Goddess".

Here's Evan

They didn't have any hair that looked good, IMO. And I don't know why I couldn't change his shell color. :-(

What else?

OH! I made a few Hugh stamps. :-)

I think that's all...

Oh! Someone commented that I should be sure to let you know how Elliot Yamin's Album is.

After listening to it for 12 days, I find that I'm happy whenever his songs play. I do a chair dance, LOL. I especially love Alright (HE spelled it that way, not me), Movin On, Find a Way, or Free comes on.

If you like his voice, you should definitely buy the CD.

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