Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Elliot Yamin

I got his new CD at Wal-mart today.

They have this thing inside the CD so that I can download a song for free.

I did it on Fantasia's CD. But now it won't let me.

It says I don't have the latest Windows media player installed (I have version 11. Which is more recent than the one they said I needed.) And WHYYYYYYYYYYY do I have to have WMP??? I don't use that thing. I use I-tunes.

I fucking hate the wal-mart website. It never lets me see the freebies either, I have to go to the freebie websites and click on the direct link to a specific freebie to get to them.


I'll let you know about the CD after I've listened to it some more.

I got Ruben Studdard's and then after I heard it a few times the songs started getting on my nerves, LOL.

So far, Alright is my favorite song on Elliot's new CD.

It's pop with a little R&B flava.

His voice is awesome. No matter what he sings...

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