Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Tenant - Scooter McGavin's 9th Green

I tried to rent my blog yesterday, the bid was...

I don't understand why some people bid on my blog. I wonder if they even read my blog. WTF do we have in common? Why did you bid? Someone explain this to me.

Anyway, I started a new campaign. I accepted the first bid because when I went there to check out his site, I saw this post about Amy Winehouse. A guy who likes music like this has to be a decent person, LOL.

Don't you just love my totally random criteria for renting? ;-p

Anyway, some of his other posts are about the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, March Madness (I agree with him about Australia'sNTM needing a Mr & Ms Jay, btw.), and some "Guy Stuff".

It seems like a pretty well rounded blog. It's not all about Golf or Music or any one thing.

So, click on my renter. Download some Amy Winehouse. Drink a beer. Whatever, LOL.

Thanks! :-)

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