Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lots of stuff

There's a lot of different stuff I just want to touch on before I forget. None of it is related, LOL.

First, Raines. The new Jeff Goldblum show on NBC. LOVE IT! I love him. I'm thrilled that I like this show! He's a detective and he sees dead people. I love his deadpan delivery. I love Raines' sarcasm. I hope this show isn't cancelled after 3 episodes!!!

Jennster has a blog entry she wrote to one of her friends, it's called "Dear Mommy to be". Go read it. It's good. I'm hyping the bitch on my blog, that's how good it is. She hasn't even invited me to her wedding...*sniffle*

Go HERE. They're teasing about THIS. I think it's so cute!

My left calf is twitching like there's a huge spider on it... Odd.

Damn...I thought there was something else.

Oh! I was listening to Amy Winehouse. You gotta love a song that starts with: "What kind of fuckery is this?" LOL. She's a jazzy, bluesy singer. I can't remember who she makes me think of. Nina Simone? But I don't like Nina Simone. I'll think about it some more and tell you.

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