Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I've noticed

that different Banners for my blog get different levels of interest.

I have 3 banners that I use at BlogExplosion

The first one:

Averaged about 40% clickthrough. I thought that was great since I don't pay attention to the banners that go past when I'm fulfilling my blog surfing duties. So I didn't really know if banners would actually help attract visitors.

The second one I just made because I was bored:

But the first day I used it, it had about 80% clickthrough. I was shocked. Now it usually averages about 70%.

I just made a new one:

I'll see how that compares to the other 2. I wish I KNEW what attracted people to the second banner more than the first one. If I did, I'm make my banners more like that one.

It's confusing.

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