Monday, March 19, 2007

It's amazing

how many really bad blogs there are on the interweb.

I was just using the blogger "next blog" thing to surf because none of my regular sites have updated since yesterday. Anyway, one chick just has lyrics of songs she'd written.

Bad grammar, atrocious spelling, and she had the nerve to say "Don't try to steal any of my songs." I wanted to ask her if anyone had EVER tried to steal some of her shittttttt, but I think I might be nice today, so I just clicked to the next blog.

One woman's blog wasn't bad. It was just confusing. Like all these nicknames she has. Let's say "Kek" and "Dek" and "Pek". So she's talking about all these people as if we know them. (I know I write with the assumption that people reading my blog might know me from somewhere else, but I'd like to think that even if you've never been here before, my posts aren't so confusing that you can't "catch up".) Anyway, she's talking about the time she was taking care of Kek and she fell out of the bed, or the time Dek told her to be sure and feed Kek at Noon-thirty, and how once she couldn't change Kek's diaper. Blah blah. Then at the end of the veeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy long post, she said that Kek was her mother...

Suggestion: If you have a public blog, and you take care of your disabled mother, you might want to put that somewhere at the top of the blog so that people who just surf there will know that Kek is your disabled mother and not your daughter.

But that's just me.

Then there are the people who...just type random shit. Like if I could eavesdrop on your internal dialogue, but I only heard every other thought, this is what I'd get.

Plans down and then bathroom cold legs why like that a lot old remember.

WTF, right? People do this on their blogs and publish it for all to see. Why?

I thought it might have been just that one post. No. All of the posts were like that.

Craziness. I really wonder how I've been so lucky not finding more of these crappy blogs. I guess BlogExplosion and other sites that I've been using to get traffic are better than I thought they were, LOL.

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