Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Teacher Conference

So Monday I got a note from Evan's teachers saying that he's not doing ANY work in class and that he says he doesn't have time to do his homework either because he's always helping me.

So I went up there today. Apparently, from the way he's been talking, they thought I was bed ridden.

So now I must kill him.

EVERY FREAKING YEAR he pulls this shit. Not doing his homework and stuff. And EVERY YEAR I have to ride his ass for months (bring ALL your books home every day, etc) until he learns his lesson and starts doing what he's supposed to do. His math teacher told him "Well, you can just do odds or evens from the problems I give out in class since you don't have time to do them all." His English teacher even told him he could do his homework IN CLASS and that would be OK.

They say he just sits there daydreaming. They say he's smart enough to be at the top of his class (dur) but he's lazy.

So, I have no choice but to beat him 1/2 to death with an extension cord.

WHAT THE FUCK??????????????


I hate having to nag him about shit he should be doing anyway. I always let up after he seems like he's doing well. Then I have to go to the damned school.


We will spend the weekend making up ALL the work he's missed in this "semester".


Little fartknocker.

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