Monday, December 25, 2006


Evan is having a ball with the black light that came with his CSI kit and he keeps wanting me to turn off the light so I can see something, LOL. (There is some unexplained stuff in the kitchen sink! Someone must have been pissing in there and cleaning out the sink isn't getting it off!!!!! Shit in the freezer glows under black light too! Ewwwwwww)

First let me tell you about my 3 year old cousin. The local paper went to headstart and asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas. He said "A spiderman that's as tall as me, a chuckle train (?) and a pancake."

We were all LOL over the pancake. We didn't see him today.

Anyway, Evan got a CSI Fingerprint kit from my mom.

I got *gasp* 2 pairs of earrings (one pearl & one hoops). Both silver (I like silver) and a bed in a bag set. She said she was tired of my orange so she got a mint green & peachy thing. I'm just shocked that it wasn't some bullshit, LOL.

She had one of the Al Green DVDs that we got her, but she didn't have the other one and she screamed. And then she was rushing us out of there this evening. Like "Ok, Merry Christmas, mwah mwah, goodbye!"

So of course I kept finding reasons to stay longer. She just wanted to watch AL, LOL.

She finally made me some REAL mashed potatoes with REAL butter. MMMMMMMMMMMMM. Evan got his macaroni. And we had ham and rolls and shit. My grandmother made my favorite chocolate iced cake. She gave me the recipe, but of course it doesn't taste the same when I tried to make it.


Now I have to go take a muscle relaxer because my back is killing me.

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