Friday, December 08, 2006


So when I first got diagnosed with MS, I was on a medication called Rebif.

It made me feel like shit. I think I threw up every day. Seriously. The entire time I was on it (maybe 1 and a half years). So I stopped. Plus I kept getting relapses. (Kept going blind in one eye or the other, the medication is supposed to DECREASE that frequency.) Since I stopped taking it, I haven't gone blind.

Anyway, since I'm having so much trouble walking, I decided it was time to get on another medication.

I spoke to "my" nurse today. She told me that Rebif is made from a protein in Hamster Ovaries. I laughed incredulously. She kept saying "It's ok, it's ok." I wasn't freaked out, I was just amazed.

After that she talked to me like I was a simpleton.

Anyway, this new medication is made out of proteins from E Coli. No wonder people feel like shit when they take these medications. It's CRAZY.

I will be reporting on the side effects from this shit after I start it, LOL.

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