Wednesday, September 06, 2006

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Brooke Shields guest starred as a psychiatrist that Christian saw and told him maybe the reason he can't be happy in a relationship with a woman is because he's already in a relationship with Sean. No Christian is all paranoid that he's a homo. (His son with Sean's wife was having sex - unknowingly - with a transsexual.)

Julia's baby is going to have some birth defect.

What else?

Larry Hagman guest starred as a man who had testicular cancer and the fake nuts they gave him weren't big enough. He wanted Kiwi sized nuts.


I have to admit that I haven't really inspected the nuts of the men I've been with, but nut size never mattered to me.

I just posted this at JJHF:

Last night on Nip/Tuck, Larry Hagman wanted Kiwi sized nuts.

Is this REALLY an issue for men? How big your nuts are???

Do any women care about this?

I mean, I guess you can equate it to breast size. Some women feel more feminine with bigger boobs. They don't feel sexy after a mastectomy.

I don't care about nut size.


That's what I care about...

Big Brother

Janelle has been pissing me off all season, but she finally made a good move last night when she voted Will out. Boogie is PISSED, LMAO. GOOD! Fucker. That's all.

What else did I watch? I don't remember.

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