Monday, September 25, 2006

3 strangers

Yesterday on the way to my other home (Wal-mart), I stopped to put some air in my tires. Evan had to go in the gas station to ask for the air hose. He came back out with an old man who proceeded to check all my tires and put air in them. That was nice.

Before he left, he said "You have a really polite son." I said "Thank you!"

Then while we were in the Mart of Wal, one of the csa's told Evan he has really good manners.

Then after we left the store, he was putting all the crap in the trunk (I can't walk and carry at the same time). A lady came up to my window and said "You have a really good boy there, I haven't heard him complain once about helping out."

I KNOW Evan is awesome. I tell him he's awesome. But it's nice when strangers compliment him. I think it's good for his self esteem AND he knows I'm not just blowing smoke up his ass.


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