Thursday, September 21, 2006

Evan's school bus ride

Yesterday he came home all excited.

E - Some kid on the bus kept messing with me, calling me names and stuff.
A - How old was he?
E - I don't know. I don't care. So then he put his book down on the seat beside me and I knocked it onto the floor. Then my friend Seth picked it up, looked on the inside and saw whose it was so he threw it back on the floor. Then the guy picked it back up and put it on the seat again, so I knocked it off again and he said "Dude, you have some brass testes." Then he asked where I live, so I told him "Such and such apartments, apartment 000" I told him that door because I hate the kid who lives there."

He was so hyped that some older kid told him he had a pair of brass testes. (I doubt the guy said testes, but Evan doesn't say balls. We are both amused by the words testes, testicles, and testicular.)

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