Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hugh Laurie

So I used to have The Rock on my desktop.

But since he never does any new movies anymore, my ardor has cooled.

Since I am currently crushing on House, I put Hugh Laurie on my desktop.

He makes me moist.

Anyway, yesterday while I was doing other shit since I couldn't get online is when I changed it. Evan came down at 7 or something and powered up to watch jetix online. Then he said "You have House on your computer!"

He covered up the pic with his hands. He said "I wish he'd stop looking at me! This creeps me out. It's like you LIKE him or something. I was ok with you liking The Rock, but house has a turkey neck! Gross."

He said "I'm going to vomit."


Did you know Hugh Laurie is a best selling author? I went to Amazon.com to see when House season 2 would come out and I did a search for his name in general. He had a book there. I thought 'That can't be House Hugh Laurie.' but then on IMDB I read his biography and it IS!!!

I found a movie he did on WE last week. Did I tell you? If I did, I'm telling you again. He was on the Ellen Degeneres show and I didn't know until it was about to go off. So I did a tivo search to see when the repeat would be shown on oxygen (the "new" shoes are on nbc where I live, then they repeat about a week later on oxygen). Anyway, there was a movie called "Maybe Baby" on WE. I taped it. I watched it. It was funny!

His father was on the British Olympic team!

So I'm digging Hugh Laurie right now. Seriously. Like I crushed on DwayneTheRockNeverDoesAnyFreakingMoviesAnymoreJohnson.

I can't figure out which crush of mine grosses Evan out more. Hugh Laurie or Jeff Goldblum.

Only Hugh has made Evan actually vomit in his mouth. I think that's a distinction to be proud of. MUUUUUUUUHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA.


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