Tuesday, July 18, 2006

OMG Involuntary Detox

Fucking internet connection stopped working at 10pm sunday.

I didn't wake up until noon Monday, so I expected it to be back on. Spent the rest of the day calling and I never got a REAL PERSON.

Today I happened to wake up at 6am. So I called. Just had to unhook the coaxial cable and hook it back up.


I couldn't unscrew it from the modem. So I had to follow the cable back to the source and it kept turning the pc off so it took for freaking ever. Then I couldn't screw it back in. 22 minutes 45 seconds. 10 of that was pushing buttons on the phone for the menu. "IF you're calling about making a payment, press one, if you're calling about blah, press two...."

I fucking hate automated systems. It used to work just pressing 0 when you got one of them. A few times and the computer gets the message that you want to speak to a LIVING BREATHING HUMAN BEING so you can take your aggression out on that hapless soul.

I hate automated shit.

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