Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Football Practice

So yesterday was Evan's first football practice.

When he said he wanted to play football, I KNEW he didn't know what the hell he was in for, but his younger cousin plays every year so...I finally said yes.

FIRST they had to run a lap around the football field.
Then they had to do sit ups and push ups.
Then they did the typical football warm up exercises. (Which includes jogging - or whatever - in place and turning to whichever side the coach holds the football to.)
Then they had to run out for a catch.
Then they had to spider crawl (?) to the other end of the football field.

After about 15 minutes, Evan had (I SO think he was faking) an asthma attack. So I let him sit for about 5 minutes and then said "Go back out there!"

I told him before I wrote the check that he was going to finish the season. If I have to PAY to sit out there in the geedee heat, he's not quitting.

After he had the break, I think he had fun. He certainly seemed more lively.

He doesn't see how he looks/acts when he has a real asthma attack. Does he really think I'm that stupid??? The only reason I let him sit down at all was that some of my family members were there and all concerned. *rolling eyes*

He said to me after the practice. "Well, this isn't fun. But at least I'll get some exercise."

Such an adult response, IMO.

I told him he'd have more fun when they started playing actual games. The practice is necessary to get them in shape and ready for the games.

He's not a natural fb player. He's gotten good at basketball. And he's gotten over the shyness of shooting a basket in front of all those people.

I think he'd make a good tackle. IMO (and I know nothing about football) he'll never be a quarterback.

Looking at the team (it's 9 and 10 year olds) I think the smaller guys will get CRUSHED. I think it should be according to weight, not age. There was a boy who HAD to be at least 150 lbs out there. Most of them looked like they were 4 feet tall. But the small ones were FAST so maybe they don't have to worry about being crushed, LOL.

Some of those boys can throw. Perfect spiral. Good aim. The same ones are good receivers too. But they've probably been playing since kindergarten.

This is football country, after all.


  1. When Kip started playing football at age 7, he was pretty small. At the pre-season opener Kip's team played against a team with a kid who had to weigh 150 (I think Kip was about 55 lbs. at the time, maybe less). Anyway, Kip was a receiver, and he told me before the game, "If I'm running the ball and that kid comes at me, I'm just gonna drop and play dead!"


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